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One of my greatest joys is sharing the yoga practice with dancers, helping them to take care of their bodies and minds.

     I have a keen understanding of a dancer's experience: I have been through the rigorous demands of some of the top ballet and modern dance programs, including the Rock School for Dance Education and the Fordham University/ Alvin Ailey School BFA Program. I have also worked as a professional dancer for over a decade, performing across the US and internationally, as well as on screen. I am extremely passionate about using the yoga practice to help dancers take care of their bodies and minds. I especially love working with pre-professional dancers in demanding training programs, on the brink of transitioning into professional careers. I draw from the tools yoga has given me, my study of anatomy and kinesiology for dancers, and various modalities in my teaching.

     Since 2017, I have taught at Peridance Center in New York, working with dancers in the Certificate and International Student programs, generally aged 18-25. Over this time, I have developed a thoughtful and caring approach to teaching dancers. I like to keep the conversation open: we begin class by talking about how students are feeling physically and mentally, what they are working on in their dancing, and what they are interested in investigating that day. This allows me to not only understand how they're coming into class, but allows dancers the opportunity to use their voice in the studio and advocate for themselves. Some hallmarks of our classes include deep breathing, practicing linking breath and movement together, cultivating muscular support for hyper-mobility and hyper-flexibility, self-massage, and mindful stillness. I am adamant that students remain in full autonomy of their bodies: they are welcome to modify, change, and rest as needed. It's important to me that dancers know they have full agencies over themselves and they do not have to perform. 

      I am so grateful to have built the trust of my students during our time together. Many tell me that our yoga practices were integral to their time in their programs. They are able to ease sore and fatigued muscles, cultivate a new sense of support and spaciousness in their bodies, find maturity in their dancing, and, perhaps most importantly, take care of their mental and emotional health. I have been lucky enough to share these Yoga for Dancers classes in various training programs in both the US and abroad. I have been a guest teacher at the Juilliard School residence, Seed Dance Center in Taiwan, and Ehrstrand Dance Center in Sweden. I am excited about continuing to offer these tools to dancers and plan to do so for the entirety of my career. 

I am always interested in working with groups of dancers or privately one-on-one. Please reach out if I can be of service!

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