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"At the intersection of movement and stillness, we find ourselves."​

    I have always considered myself, first and foremost, a mover. I began dancing at age five in my hometown of Philadelphia and became more and more serious about my training as time went on. I eventually moved to New York to earn my BFA in Dance from Fordham University/The Ailey School and started working professionally while still in school. My dance career has given me the opportunity to perform across the US, internationally, and on screen. I have also used dance as a means of outreach and intercultural exchange, both locally and abroad. It's a big passion of mine and has enlightened me on how movement brings the potential for deep connection.

     You've heard the story: I got injured and in the midst of my recovery, I decided to give yoga a try. At first, I was drawn to the physical challenge, the flow between postures, another chance to keep moving. Then I started to notice other things. I was paying attention to my breath. I was becoming more aware of my thoughts. Not only was my physical state improving, but my emotional and mental well-being were thriving. I found myself meeting the world with more patience, able to remain calm in situations that would have normally agitated me. To put it simply, I was happier. And, much to this mover's surprise, I became okay with being still. I developed a seated practice, including pranayama (breath work) and meditation, which continues to ground and inform me on a daily basis. I have grown to look forward to the stillness, silence, and spaciousness that I find.

     I was deeply inspired to share this wealth of benefits with others. I enrolled in Yoga Vida's 200-Hour teacher training, where I earned my Vinyasa Certification. I then completed a five-month intensive mentorship program under the guidance of my teacher and mentor, Nathan Lowry. I have participated in additional advanced teacher trainings, including Fundamentals of Iyengar with Nikki Costello, Trauma Sensitivity with Annie Piper, Restorative Yoga with Abby Paloma, and Sequencing with Jason Crandell. I am also endlessly fascinated by the mechanics of the body, neuroscience, and yoga philosophy, and I continue to remain first and foremost a student.

      Since I started teaching full time, I've had the privilege of connecting with incredible students and communities across the world. I have taught for several renowned studios in New York, including Yoga Vida, Peridance, LL Studio (formerly Laughing Lotus), and Heatwise, among others. I have developed a wonderful roster of private clients who I am honored to partner with on their yoga journey. I have had the great honor of being a guest teacher at the Juilliard School residence, Seed Dance Center in Taiwan, and Ehrstrand Dance Center in Sweden. I am a part of the 200-hour Teacher Training team for Yoga Vida and serve as a guide and mentor for budding yoga teachers. I also host retreats, most recently in Nicaragua and Upstate New York. My teaching continues to evolve and I consider my students to be my greatest inspiration and teachers.

     True connection happens when we share what we love, and I find sharing this practice incredibly fulfillingI believe very strongly in the healing power of movement and mindfulness and am passionate about making them accessible to everyone. Check out my open class schedule, get in touch about scheduling a private session, or reach out and let me know what you need. I'm here for you and can't wait to connect!

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