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I love teaching private clients! Working together privately gives us the opportunity to tailor our time to your interests and concerns. Every body is unique and I can offer a caring eye, embodied knowledge, and wholehearted enthusiasm to help you along your yoga journey. And we'll have a lot of fun while we're at it!

I have taught private lessons for: 

-- absolute beginners

-- people working with injuries and special conditions

-- long-time practitioners looking to advance their practice

-- new yoga teachers seeking mentorship

-- athletes who want to supplement their sport with yoga

-- corporate groups

-- social clubs

-- couples celebrating a milestone or looking for a new way to connect

-- groups of friends

-- families

-- wedding parties

-- special events

To sum it up: wonderful people with varying backgrounds, experience levels, and interests

Every session looks a little different. We can do a classic vinyasa practice, break down details of alignment, deep-dive into anatomy or yoga philosophy, practice breathing techniques and meditation, or find stillness and relaxation with restorative yoga. We can meet in-person in the New York City area or online.


If you're interested in booking a private session for yourself, a group, or as a gift, please reach out!

Email me at 

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