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There is nothing quite like the joy of teaching a group class! Seeing a variety of students move through their own practice while sharing a common breath is such a special experience that I will never take for granted. When I teach, I seek to create an environment that is supportive, warm, and welcoming to all. My priority is to be fully present with my students in order to remain open to the possibilities of each moment. I will encourage you to explore and listen within, to learn to trust yourself as your own best teacher. 


Classes are taught at a moderate pace to allow for mindfulness and depth of understanding coupled with the joy of flowing movement. My teaching is rooted in Vinyasa - linking breath to movement - and often includes elements of pranayama (breathwork), meditation, yoga philosophy, Iyengar yoga, restorative yoga, and self-massage. Options, modifications, and personalized feedback are offered to help individuals choose what suits their own needs on any given day. You can expect a thorough warmup that builds into thoughtful, creative, water-like movement, followed by mindful stillness. The effects are a well-balanced practice that will simultaneously energize, ground, and restore.


My students report a large variety of physical benefits, including improved ease and breadth of movement, strength, and stamina, as well as a greater sense of calm, grounding, and mental clarity in their daily lives. I believe that our practice, whether new or long-established, can be used as an opportunity to look deeply inwards and, in turn, move out into the world leading from a more centered, compassionate place. 

I am currently offering a schedule of both in-person and online yoga classes for those looking to tend to their physical, mental, and emotional well-being.

*Please note, I will be away from June 1-July 14, 2024. Public classes will resume on July 15th.

Weekly class schedule (All times US ET): 

MONDAY 7:30am + 9am Heated Flow at Heatwise Studio Bowery (60 minutes)

MONDAY 4pm Heated Flow at Heatwise Studio Brooklyn Heights (60 minutes)

TUESDAY 12:30pm Heated Flow at Heatwise Studio Brooklyn Heights (60 minutes)

WEDNESDAY 7:30am + 9am Heated Flow at Heatwise Studio Upper West Side (60 minutes)

WEDNESDAY 6:30pm Heated Flow at Heatwise Studio Bowery (60 minutes)

THURSDAY 11:30am Yoga for Dancers at Peridance Center (90 minutes)

While this class is geared towards professional and pre-professional dancers, you do not have to be a dancer to join. All are welcome!


FRIDAY 3:30pm Heated Flow at Heatwise Studio Upper West Side (60 minutes)



Find classes on-demand through House of Flow! Choose from many different class styles and lengths, as well as meditations. Free 7-day trial available. Use code WELCOMEHOME-MARISA at checkout for 25% off your first month or year of an adult monthly membership.

Yoga Vida Online : large library of class replays available on-demand, including a wide range of class lengths and styles.

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