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Students share their experiences

“After a full 6 weeks in Marisa’s Foundations class, I can honestly say she is what every new yogi needs. I came to my first class certain I wouldn’t be able to do most of the class. Not only did Marisa put me at ease, she also made sure that I didn’t feel that there was an expectation for how I should look in class. That I should just BE there in the class. Grateful I could start my journey with Marisa at the helm.”

— Alex D.

I have been a student of Marisa's for many years and I can truly say I discovered my love for yoga through attending Marisa's classes. Soon after I became Marisa's student, my perception of her shifted from being my yoga teacher to being my yoga mentor. When Marisa teaches she is mindful, grounded, and has never made me feel rushed in class. Whether we are moving or breathing, Marisa is able to stay connected to each student as an individual while also bringing the class together to feel complete in our practice through each other's energy. I've found even Marisa's more physically challenging flows to still be rooted in mindfulness and grounding, something that is a rare experience in today's trendy world of yoga. I have brought many friends to Marisa's classes and would recommend her to anyone who is new or old to the practice of yoga.  

-- Gunjan S.

"Marisa teaches incredibly well-balanced, beautifully sequenced classes. They are the perfect mix of active/challenging and restorative – I never fail to feel better, more attuned to my body and relaxed after her classes. I’m so grateful to have her as a guide for my practice."

-- Sally D.

“Class with Marisa is a wonderful grounding in a calm, quiet, evenly paced approach to... everything. What we practice in her classes is foundational to feeling and breathing and staying open. Tonight she said that the pose we were holding space for 'wasn't the place, but the direction,' which is true of so many things, and it was really beautiful. And helpful. Thanks Marisa!”

— Alyce E.

“Marisa's thoughtful and insightful in flow and sequencing. Combined with her warm personality, she makes the practice truly a treat and a privilege.”

— Archana S.

"Marisa offers clear instruction in a welcoming environment, which is great for novice and seasoned yogis alike!"

-- Regina T.

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